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You can chance it and play the DIY Russian Roulette with an online template, or you can hire an actual Texas based law firm to create, design, and help implement a highly customized, situation-tailored solution for your unique real estate deed. It's only an expensive home, right!!!

BTW, Quit Claim Deeds are pretty useless in TX.


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About Transfer on Death Deeds:

In Texas, most property is owned as Tenants in Common rather than as JTWROS (Joint Tenants with Rights of Survivorship.  This has one major drawback.  When one spouse dies, the other spouse only owns a portion of the property, rather than the entire interest.  This is particularly problematic, burdensome and expensive because it means that in order for the surviving spouse to get full ownership, they must hire an attorney and go through the probate court system.  By using a Transfer on Death Deed, the entire interest will belong to a certain person(s) upon the death of an owner.  So typically this is setup to transfer interest to the surviving spouse.  If this transfer on death deed is validly in place, then the surviving will own the entire interest in the home upon the death of the first spouse.  Instead of spending thousands and thousands of dollars to pay attorneys and court fees, and instead of waiting months for letters testamentary or for a determination of heirship and Administration, the surviving spouse will simply file a death certificate and Affidavit of Death with the County Clerk.  I've seen a simple transfer on death deed save many families thousands of dollars.  Transfer on Death deeds can also be very beneficial under current law as they are not currently subject to Medicare Recovery.  Further, with a transfer on death deed, you can even name who inherits the property after both spouses have died.  This can save your estate thousands and thousands more because your kids and beneficiaries can avoid probate with the transfer on death deed. It's much like naming a beneficiary on a bank account or investment account.  You can even name your Revocable Living Trust as the beneficiary of your home or other real estate properties.