During the probate process, the estate of the deceased person in question will be administered by the executor. An executor is tasked with handling many aspects of an estate. Most prominently, an executor has to deal with the distribution of assets during probate. While all the tasks of an executor can be stressful to deal with, handling the real estate and other finances of an estate can be the most challenging thing an executor can do. An executor must settle any debts that are outstanding in an estate, pay any outstanding taxes, and dispose of any other assets, as needed. If you are an executor of an estate and need help during the probate process, contacting one of our probate lawyers as soon as possible can take a load off of your shoulders going forward. Give us a call in the Austin area at 512-400-4430 or in the Houston area at 713-489-7360 and get the help you need today.

What Problems Can Come Up During Probate for an Executor?

Probate can be fairly and easy, but that is highly contingent upon what state in which the Will is being probated. Unfortunately, probate in many states is very expensive and lengthy. We are fortunate in Texas, at least for the moment, that probate in Texas is not terribly expensive or annoyingly lengthy. But beware of problems with probate which can include Will validity issues and Will contests in which someone is trying to fight against the Will or the named executor. If that happens, then it can get messy and expensive quickly. This can create unneeded delays and disputes that can boil over and simmer for a long time. Having a probate lawyer by your side can help ariseyou. They can also assist you with any questions about the potential validity of the will.

What If An Executor Does Not Fulfill Their Duties?

Executors must fulfill what is called their fiduciary duties to the estate. What this means is that the executor must act in the best interests of the estate they are administering. Failure to complete their fiduciary duties, an executor may be liable to face legal action from other members of the estate. Hiring a probate lawyer takes that risk away from you and gives you a helping hand that can assist you in administering your estate.

Can a Probate Lawyer Help Me During the Probate Process?

Our law firm understands how difficult it may be to administer an estate, especially if you do not know where to begin. With so many responsibilities and duties tasked to you, hiring one of our probate lawyers to help you during this process can be well worth it. We want to ease your burdens during the probate process so you can focus on other areas of your life. Learn more about your potential case by speaking with our law firm at 512-400-4430 in Austin or 713-489-7360 in Houston.