It’s a bright sunny day, and you’re riding down the road, taking in the fresh air, when a car door opens without warning right in front of you. You try to stop, but it’s too late, and seconds later, you wake up in the middle of the road with injuries all over the body.

You’ve been a victim of dooring, the most heartless form of negligence. The car driver didn’t bother checking the road for bicycle traffic when they opened the door, leading to injuries on your head, neck, and back.

In Texas, dooring laws are in effect, which means that a person is required by the state to watch the road before opening their car doors. However, dooring incidents still occur quite regularly. Here are some tips for cyclists to avoid dooring on the road.

Keep a safe distance from parked cars

When you’re riding on the road, it’s wise to stay at least 3 feet away from parked cars. You never know who is sitting inside and when they may open the door. Furthermore, some car doors may also swing far into your lane, posing a significant threat. So, follow the 3 foot rule to stay safe.

Don’t swerve in and out between parked cars

If the road is occupied with cars parked intermittently, it’s best to drive safely in a straight line rather than swerving in and out between parked cars.

Be vigilant on the road

Whether you’re on a bike, in a car, or walking on foot, you should always be vigilant on the road. Anticipate the behavior and movements of other people and observe the traffic. Ensure you make eye contact with other road users and never lose sight of what’s happening on the road.

Switch on your lights to improve visibility

While riding at night or when the visibility is reduced, make sure your cycle’s front and rear lights are operational. This signals the people in the cars of your movement and may save your life. Furthermore, when the road conditions aren’t favorable such as during rain or fog, make sure you ride slowly and watch out for other vehicles at all times.

Get legal assistance in personal injury cases

If you’ve been doored in Texas, you may be entitled to fair compensation for your damages. Texas law holds negligent car owners accountable for their actions.

If you’re looking for a qualified personal injury lawyer for representation, reach out to us. At Mike Massey Law, we’ll help you get the justice you deserve. We also have a team of probate and will attorneys that provide legal assistance with estate planning. Connect with us to learn more.