by a real life Texas Attorney!!!

only $400 per LLC

+ State Filing Fees & Their Credit Card Charge (typically $308.10)

Docs GUARANTEED^ to be ready in just 3 Biz Days!!!

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vs. Do-It-Yourself Online Service:

Sadly, and expensively, many online firms have you name themselves as your Registered Agent, and they charge you heavy fees every year indefinitely.  But not us.

We also offer:

  • Asset Titling thoughts.

  • Compliance calendar thoughts.

  • Up to 10 minute call with Attorney.

  • Customizable Meeting Minutes Template.

  • ~Tax considerations to discuss with your CPA.

  • The attorneys live in TX and know Texas Law.

  • Thoughts to discuss with your insurance agent.

  • Thoughts to discuss with your Financial Advisor.

  • Customized Organizational Binder section inserts.

  • Thoughts on coordinating your LLC into your estate plan.

  • Plus extra benefits

Did we mention GUARANTEED Delivery in just 3 full Business Days!!!

Need an Operating Agreement?


Only  $275 

Series LLC's?

Only  $900 + f f f

Operating Agreements are strongly encouraged for liability, operational, and tax issues.

Mistakes we see with some D.I.Y. LLCs:

These may cost you thousands of dollars, or even worse.

  • Takes too darn long to get your documents, but you want to start your LLC now, not in 3-4 weeks.

  • Boiler plate documents cause problems upon sale or M&A.

  • Lack of starter questions to ask your CPA re tax planning.~

  • Potential weaknesses in liability protection.

  • Lack of comprehensive & customized docs.

  • Lack of thoughts re integration with your estate plan.

  • No Texas attorney to call with questions.

  • Anxiety of the unknown.

  • They charge you an arm and a leg for ongoing Registered Agent Services in perpetuity, for example $159/yr with some RA's over 10 years is $1,590...that's a lot of wasted money.


Only takes about 10 minutes

CallEmail or Book Online to get started

3 Day Guarantee

If we can't email you your LLC Documents within 3 full business days after you provide us all pertinent information, and after we've received your payment in full, then we'll email you a $50 Amazon Gift Card.^

* Terms of the "Guarantee:"  If we don't email you the documents by midnight of the 3rd full business day after you submit your completed information to us, including an LLC name which is not rejected by the State of Texas, then we'll email you a $50 gift card.  If you submitted an LLC name which gets rejected, then the 3 day clock is reset beginning at the time that you give us a new, alternative LLC name.  Holidays and weekends do not count as business days.  Example: If you submit on a Thursday at anytime, then we guarantee email delivery of your documents by midnight Central Time on the following Tuesday, which is the 3rd full business day after your submission; if that Monday were a holiday, then the guarantee would be the following Wednesday at midnight central time.

^ Mike Massey Law, PLLC does NOT offer tax advice.  You must seek tax guidance from your own CPA or appropriate professional.  Tax thoughts are simply starting points to remind you to get the conversation started with your CPA so that he/she can guide you with appropriate tax advice.  You should not consider any communications from Mike Massey Law, PLLC or any of its attorneys or employees to be tax advise and you should not rely on it for tax purposes. Data Security for information entered into the order form on this particular page can be found here (Click here).  Different forms and data upload/download on this site may differ from the data security for the order entry form on this particular website page.