Gratitude for my clients

I am so grateful for my clients. I teach them about planning for death and incapacity. I teach them about the pitfalls and blessings of appropriately and efficiently leaving their assets to their family, friends and charities. I have seen many clients shed tears in my office, and that is a wonderful thing. Life goes quick, and this estate planning can help people slow down for just a few minutes to reflect on the things in life that are so important. Estate planning transcends paper and assets and truly gets to the heart of life. Facing our illnesses and mortality is a tough, but rewarding act. If you haven't had your estate planning completed and updated, then there's no time like the present. For my clients who have completed this estate planning with me, I'd like them to know that I have a heart full of gratitude. You have blessed me. I'm grateful that God has given me this career so that I can work with so many wonderful people and families.

Thank you.

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