A Will does NOT help if incapacitated

Many people think that because they have a will, then that will help them should they become incapacitated. However, they are wrong. This is a common misunderstanding, and it can cost you big time. A will only comes into play once you die, and not a second before such time as death. As a result, a Last Will & Testament does NOT help in any manner in regards to incapacity issues. Incapacity issues can only be served by documents that can serve you while you are still alive, such as a living trust, a living will, powers of attorney, HIPPA Releases, etc. So if you have a will and think that it will help you should you have a massive stroke, get alzheimers, go into a coma, etc., then you're sadly mistaken. If you're reading this, then there's probably still time to get your documents in order.

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