Brokerage Accounts & Living Trusts

How to transfer ownership of your brokerage account from your individual name(s) to your revocable living trust. For Publicly held positions in stocks, mutual funds, ETF’s and the like, generally all that is required is that you re-title the account into the name of your living trust. Alternatively, you could maintain the current ownership and name the living trust as the beneficiary of the account. Talk to your financial advisor to determine the best method. It’s best if it’s owned by your living trust because then it’s already part of the trust and any acting trustee has access to such account if you become incapacitated, whereas if it’s not owned by the trust, then a trustee will not have access to that account until you're deceased, but perhaps your agent for your durable power of attorney may (or may not) be granted access to such account by an institution; however, some institutions are reluctant to accept durable powers of attorney, so be aware of this.

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