Copies of Estate Planning Documents

It’s recommended that you give copies of pertinent documents to your trustees, executors, and agents. It’s also recommended that you give copies of your Advance Directives (Living Will) and Medical POA to your doctor(s). Make sure they’re labeled as COPIES, preferably written or stamped in red ink, and preferably on each page of each document. Many people may forward an e-copy of pertinent documents to trustees/executors/agents/etc. It's highly recommended that you create an ecopy of your executed docuements in pdf format so that you can save it to your cloud files and forward to your trustees, executors, children, etc for them to have a copy in their own cloud files.

  • Tip: Consider a single email to each trustee/executor/agent/doctor/CPA/attorney stating something like this: “Attached are my estate planning documents. If you’re able to keep them on file in the event of my death or incapacity, I would appreciate it. Perhaps you could create a file folder on your email system that reads “John Doe's

Estate Planning Documents”

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