Storing you Last Will & Testament

Remember to store your original documents in a safe place, perhaps in a fire-proof safe. Be careful if you store them in a safety deposit box as your trustee may not have permission to access that box. It’s recommended that you tell all of your trustees and successor trustees where the originals are stored and how to access them, such as by giving them a code to the safe

  • Tip: Consider buying a fire-proof safe to store them in your house or garage and give the safe code to a trustee or someone who could access them at your death or incapacity to give to your trustee/agent/executor.

If you keep them in a safety deposit box, they're safe, but the executor may not have access to them. Consider adding your executor(s), agent(s), trustee(s) name(s) to the safety deposit box.

If you keep them in a fireproof safe, then they're probably safe from fire and theft, but make sure your executor(s), agent(s), trustee(s), know the location and combination to the safe.

If you keep them in your "sock drawer", then make sure that you're executor(s), agent(s), trustee(s) know the location. Be aware that they subject to theft (although they probably don't have value in the hands of a thief) and fire.

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