Transfer on Death Deed Equally

Transfer on death deeds can be very helpful towards transferring Ownership of a property such as a home or rental property or even mineral rights. If properly executed, then the property should pass quickly and effectively and without the costs or delays of probate. Absent this specific deed or a living trust, your property is likely to require probate in order to transfer title. This is true of most non-spouse beneficiaries, as well as for most spouses since very, very little real estate in Texas is held with rights of survivorship. One thing to remember is that your beneficiaries must inherit an equal portion. If you desire to leave different percentages or if you desire that a certain beneficiary’s portion be held in further trust, then a living trust may be more appropriate. Mike Massey Law can help you design your estate transfer plan and create the appropriate documents such as a Transfer on Death Deed or Living Trust.

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