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Is your estate plan in order for the COVID-19 (Coronavirus)?

What if you pass sooner than you think?

Does your Will reflect your current life circumstances? ​

Time is of the essence.

We will show you how to create a

Last Will & Testament

in the comfort and protection of your own home

without a notary or witnesses, 

and without ever leaving your home.

Create a Legal Will at home in 1 hour.

This is a special type of Will.

We will give you instructions

so that you can have a valid Will 

by the end of the 1 hour online workshop.


It's SAFE in your home.

It can be COMPLETED in just 1 hour.

It's only $250.

How to Register:


Simply email us your name, email & which workshop date you wish to attend.  Dates & Times listed below.  Email us by clicking here.


We'll send you a payment link & Zoom online meeting link. 


You'll login to Zoom at the date/time you chose.


No discounts are available for these online workshops

Money Back Guarantee!

If you're not satisfied with the workshop,

then email us within 1 hour after you attend

and we'll refund your money, or we can

give you a credit of $300 towards

one of our estate planning packages.

These Wills are legal and valid, but may not be as comprehensive in scope as a typical Last Will & Testament.  However, once the coronavirus scare passes, we can do full estate planning and credit you $100 so that it basically only cost you $150 to have this quick protection in place just in case.

Upcoming Online Workshops:

Monday March 30th, 10am

Wednesday April 1st, 11am

Friday April 3rd, 10am

Monday April 6th, 9am

Wednesday April 8th, 11am

Simply email us your name, email

& which workshop date you wish to attend. 

6 Reasons to do this NOW:




This virus is serious.

Be prepared now!


Money Back Guarantee!

You have nothing to lose.


5 Star Ratings on Yelp & Google!


See reviews below.


It's not too late!



Safest Way to do a Will

Sign your Will at home, by yourself,  unlike online Wills where you're required to have them witnessed by disinterested people and a notary.


$100 Credit

Towards any of our services over $250 over the subsequent 12 months from the date of your workshop.


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