Bicycles are sleek transporters that can whoosh right across big cars on the road. While your cycle’s size gives you the benefits of reaching destinations swiftly, they also face increased threats on the road. And as opposed to cars, truck crashes are more likely to cause fatal accidents.

Bicycle accidents in Texas

Many Texans rely on bicycles as their primary form of transport. In large cities like Dallas, Houston, Austin, and San Antonio, roads are often packed with bicyclists riding around town. Unfortunately, since bicycles don’t provide as much protection as cars and other covered vehicles, bicycle accidents are more brutal and often result in serious injuries or death.

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration statistics, almost 60 bicyclists are killed in traffic accidents every year. Because of this, Houston has been deemed one of the ten most dangerous cities for bicyclists in the US.

The biggest road hazards for bicyclists include ‘dooring’ from parked cars, unsuitable road conditions, railroad tracks, sewer or cattle grates, and unhinged trucks.

Common causes of truck and bicycle crashes

Here are some common situations that can lead to truck-on-bike crashes.

The left cross

When a truck driver makes a sudden left turn without watching out for the bicycle traveling in the opposite direction or moving from behind, this type of crash can occur. The Pedestrian and Bicycle Information Center (PBIC) reports that the left cross accounts for almost half of the truck and bicycle crashes that occur in the country.

The right hook

When a truck moves past a cycle on the road and then suddenly turns right, crossing the two-wheeler’s path, this type of accident can occur. During the right hook accidents, the truck usually forgets switching on their turn signal, is intoxicated or distracted, and all of these scenarios can lead to grave consequences.

Getting doored

When a truck driver suddenly opens their driver-side door, a cyclist riding at high speed can come crashing on to it. This may lead to serious neck, head, and back injuries. Therefore, truck drivers are advised to check for cyclist traffic before opening their vehicle’s doors.

Get compensated for your loss

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