Online Storage of Certain Documents

You may consider using to store copies of your documents. Access is key in an emergency situation. When you store your healthcare directives (living will, health care power of attorney, etc.) with DocuBank, you receive a personalized DocuBank Emergency Card that makes all of your emergency information and critical healthcare documents available in two convenient ways:

A Call: By calling 1-800-DOCUBANK, hospitals have your information immediately faxed to them. A Click: By clicking the Hospital Button or going to, hospital staff can view and print documents immediately

There may be other companies who offer similar services. This is simply one company whom some of my clients have chosen to help them with their documents.

Mike Massey Law can help you with your Last Will & Testament, Living Trust, Durable Power of Attorney, Medical Power of Attorney, Living Will, HIPPA Release, Transfer on Death Deed, Cremation/Burial Wishes, Pre-Need Guardianship, Guardianship preference for Minor Children. Local Texas Attorney/Lawyer may be able to help you with estate planning. Call 512-757-9065 or Email:

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